What to Expect

wor·ship : ˈwərSHəp/ : noun
  1. The work of the people
  2. Worship is the primary thing we do as a church. While scholars can trace some of our practices back for hundreds of years, much of what we do has a local flavor, and isn’t the same as every other church. We like the balance of both.
  • Where do I go?

    • When you arrive, please make note that we have special parking near the front door for guests, expectant mothers and new parents, handicapped, the elderly and disabled. Feel free to use these special spaces.
    • Enter through the doors under the covered walkway. You will be greeted at the door and a church member will direct you to do the sanctuary.
  • How should I dress?

    • Any way you feel comfortable.  There will be people dressed in their Sunday best and others in jeans and t-shirts.  You are welcome as you are.
  • What about my children?

    • A nursery is provided for all children under 3 years old during Sunday worship.  The nursery is staffed by a paid staff member and church volunteers.  All adults working with children have been thoroughly background checked and trained.  You will receive a pager to contact you if any problems arise.
    • Worship bags with crayons, coloring sheets, and other activities are available for all children during both services.  
    • Special children's worship is held in the second half of worship at 11:00.  Children 3 years old through the first grade move to the fellowship hall for a time of learning and age appropriate worship.  Children's worship at Harrisburg UMC is not Sunday school or child care.  It is our intention to teach the children how to worship and why we do what we do in worship.  The format mirrors our worship service as children learn to praise God in song, to pray (including learning the Lord's Prayer), to hear the word of God, to respond to God's word, and to share in offering their gifts to God.  
  • What's the difference between contemporary and traditional?

    • 9:00 worship is contemporary, led by a worship band.  The music is a mix of old and new songs with a modern twist.  The order of service is less formal, but the content is the same for both services.  There is not a separate children's worship available during this service.  
    • 11:00 worship is traditional, with a choir and traditional hymns.  The order of service is more formal but still relaxed and the content is the same for the 9:00 service.  We do have children's worship for children 3 years -1st grade during the second half of worship.  
  • Can I take communion?

    • The United Methodist Church communes at an Open Table, meaning that anyone may come to receive the Lord's Supper.  Anyone, baptized or not, member or not, young and old may come!  We receive by intinction - you receive a piece of bread and then dip it into the juice.    
    • Communion is a gift of God's grace offered freely to all.  You need not feel that you are not worthy, God gives this to you as you are in hope that we will all be changed by God's gracious welcome.  
  • Use of Technology

    • We project all songs, scripture, and spoken words at both services.  There is a paper bulletin for the 11:00 that ushers will hand out as you enter the sanctuary.
    • Unless the ringing of your phone might help save someone’s life, (and some of those folks do attend here) please silence your electronics. It’s also considered poor form to check your e-mail or Facebook status during worship. After all, don’t you want at least one hour of your life to be different from all the rest?
    • We do have a Facebook page and Twitter feed and often post sermon thoughts and receive feedback on these platforms.