We're really excited about this new ministry at Harrisburg United Methodist Church!

The purpose of iBelong is to offer community, respite, and spiritual connection to individuals and families affected by special needs. 

In support of our broader church mission to love God, grow disciples, and love our neighbors, the special needs ministry seeks to lead families affected by unique needs in cultivating genuine relationship with God and the community of faith.

iBelong does not provide therapy, behavior modification programs or medical intervention.  To the best of our abilities, our ministry servants will strive to follow guidance from the parents to provide the best care for each child while they are with us.

On your first  iBelong visit, parents are asked to accompany their child.  An iBelong volunteer will meet with the family to answer any questions, get to know you a little better, and welcome you to our church.

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For more information about ibelong Contact:ibelongathumc@gmail.com

iBelong Ministry Goals

  • To create an atmosphere and environment of welcome that facilitates participation in the Christian community as beloved children created in the image of God.

  • To show individuals with special needs the love of Jesus by providing a safe place to learn about God where they may be at ease being themselves.  This includes offering a multi-sensory environment and one-on-one buddy system as needed.

  • To offer connection and support to families that encourages and facilitates their growth in relationship with God and the community through worship and small groups.

  • To reach out to the special needs community and support them through ministries of justice and advocacy