Gwynn Morris

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Pastor Wes Smith

What do you do at Harrisburg UMC? My main responsibilities include preaching and teaching, offering pastoral care, leading the praise team at our 9:00 Sunday service, and offering leadership in several areas within the church. My primary passions are playing music and teaching Scripture and theology – I am very blessed to have the opportunity to do both here at Harrisburg!

When did you begin to serve at Harrisburg? My wife and I were appointed as co-pastors here in July 2011.

Who inspires you? The obvious answer is my family – my wife and children as well as my parents and my sister. There are many others throughout my life who have taught, guided, mentored, and loved me and I continue to be inspired by their wisdom and examples. I’m also inspired by many people: John and Charles Wesley, Thomas Merton, Karl Barth, Flannery O'Connor, Wendell Berry, Dean Smith, Johnny Cash...this could be a really long list…

What makes you laugh?  My wife and kids, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, talking about funny movies with people, this picture and this picture.

Favorite Bible verse or passage? Since I can’t really say “all of Paul’s letters”, this question really isn’t fair, but I’ll go ahead and narrow it down to four:
1. Lamentations 3:22-24
2. John 14:27
3. Romans 12:18
4. Ephesians 4:29-5:2

What is one of your favorite things about Jesus? As you learn about the culture of 1st century Palestine, you begin to see that Jesus had a subtly sarcastic sense of humor. This ‘humanizes’ Jesus for me and I often envision Jesus smiling and laughing with (and maybe at?) his disciples, especially Peter. I also love the fact that Jesus has never stopped loving me and never will.