Easter Services

April 2nd, 9 & 11 am Palm Sunday Worship

April 9th 6:58 Sunrise Service around the fire pit

Easter Services 9 am Contemporary & 11 am Traditional

From the Pastor’s Desk

To the Harrisburg Church Family I am excited to be able to spend my first Easter Sunday with you all. Christ is risen! The significance of the Resurrection as a historical event is simply incredible. It is the cornerstone of our spiritual substance. The importance of the Resurrection as a continuing event for today, tomorrow, and forever after is even more prof0und. 

As we get ready for Easter Sunday morning at Harrisburg each person that comes in Harrisburg doors will fit in each of the four principal characters in John’s gospel chapter 20. 

  1. John: He saw and believed. Period. That is, he saw the empty tomb. He got it immediately. He knew that Jesus was the risen Lord!
  2. Thomas: He didn’t see, and he didn’t believe. He didn’t get it. He could not get his head or his heart around an alleged resurrection without some kind of empirical evidence.
  3. Peter: He saw the empty tomb, but was confused. Had no idea what it all meant. But, oh well, it wasn’t going to stop him from getting on with his life. He returns to Galilee, his old job and moves on.
  4. Mary: She saw the empty tomb and, like Peter was confused, but totally immobilized. It was hard to think about how she was going to live without Jesus in her life. It is she who, when Jesus calls her by name, is able to utter the great resurrection affirmation: “I have seen the Lord.”

            My question and the theme for Easter at Harrisburg is,When was the last time you really seen the Risen Lord?” My prayer and hope is that we realize that he is always there.

Happy Easter!  Pastor Fredrick  

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