• Toni Ruth Smith


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    Toni Ruth is passionate about helping members grow together in love.  She believes that the love of God sets us free and everything we do as an opportunity to grow in God’s love and share that love.  While Toni Ruth and Wes are often the first point of contact for visitors, she connects those new to HUMC to other members and opportunities to serve together and grow in fellowship.  If you need an ear to listen, and help you grow in your faith journey, Toni Ruth can be your guide.

  • Wes Smith


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    To paraphrase Paul, if we don't have love, then there's no point in anything else we do as Christians.  Helping the church grow together in love is what Wes is most passionate about.  His hope is that members and guests experience the love of God as we worship, gather in small groups, and work together to serve God.  Wes enjoys studying the Scripture and then preaching or teaching about God’s Word.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Scripture or theology, Wes is the perfect guide in your journey.

  • Richard Smith

    Director of Student Ministries

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    Richard loves seeing God’s presence transform the lives of those who serve and those who receive that love and service.  As a member of the youth council, we provide ways to teach our youth about service throughout the year, culminating in a week-long mission experience in the summer.  Richard feels blessed to see God working first-hand in our children and youth.

  • Shirley Luce

    Office Manager

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    Shirley is passionate about serving others.  Knowing how crucial it is to communicate events and programs, she loves developing relationships with so many people and helping them find projects and events that interest them.  She believes it helps encourage participation.  Shirley is a welcoming spirit at HUMC not just during the week, but as a member on Sunday mornings.

  • Gwynn Morris

    Organist and Chancel Choir Director

    Gwynn’s heart resides in music and that leads her to serving others.  Since she was 12 years old, Gwynn’s been involved in music with her church.  It brings her joy, comfort, and peace when she hears that the music performed was enjoyed, or it touched someone’s heart.  She feels it’s important to serve God, the church, and others to the best of your ability, and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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