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    What a joyful gift of love it is to be invited to share a meal and fellowship with others!  As we invite others to eat with us, we do so guided by Christian Hospitality which is more than a clean house and a nice meal.  As followers of Jesus, our lives are shaped by the values and practices of the Lord.  This month we will consider some of these values and practices of hospitality,  consider how they take shape in our lives and why they matter so much in our disconnected world.

June 16th – A Generous Welcome

Celebrating Father’s Day

June 23rd – An Intentional Welcome

9:00 am Commissioning the Middle School Mission Team

June 30th – A Welcome with Dignity

Commissioning of New Stephen Ministers

Keep your eyes on the skies in July…  Coming Soon: Jesus is my Superhero! 



“As the Father as SENT me, so I SEND you…” (John 20:21)

We are called to cultivate the habit of alerting others to the Reign of Christ through reconciliation, justice, beauty and wholeness, but what does that actually look like?

Join us as we learn from the earliest followers of Jesus as they were sent out to the world as recorded in the Book of Acts. 

May 5  Acts 9:1-20: Sent for Wholeness - Communion Sunday

First Fruits Offering for the Overflowing Campaign

May 12  - Acts 9:36-43:  Sent for Help

Mother’s Day

May 19 - Acts 11:1-18: Sent for Reconciliation and Justice

May 26 - Acts 16:16-34: Sent to witness Beauty in chains

Past Sermon Series

  • Surprise the World B.E.L.L.S

    Join us as we lay a foundation by learning about 5 habits that cultivate a missional life with God and others.  Each week we'll consider how to shape lives that reach out to God and others wit intentionality.

  • Thankful: Cultivating Gratitude in our Stewardship of God’s Kingdom Gifts

    What a harvest of blessings God has given us!  Our “Thank you!” is so much more than just words we say, it is the way we live and give in response to God’s generosity.


  • November

    Stronger Together: How Holy Friendship Changes Our World

    The Book of Ruth tells the story of Naomi and Ruth and how their commitment to being faithful friends saved both their lives. We’ll consider the gift of holy friendships that strengthen our faith life and help us weather the storms of life with hope and joy. 

  • October

    Wrestling with the Hard Things Jesus Teaches
    Sometimes the words in red in the Bible make us see red and yet we cannot take Jesus seriously and ignore them.  Wrestling with the hard things Jesus says can help us understand who we are and how God loves, so let’s get in the ring!

  • September

    How to Live Like a Christian
    Living as a faithful disciple in our world offers real challenges.  Whether we’re dealing with the temptations of social media or wondering how to engage those we disagree with the Book of James is full of practical advice for Christians.  Using these tools can make all the difference in our daily life.

  • August

    All the Feels
    The Psalms show us a full range of human emotions that the writers felt without censoring them.  What would it look like for us to talk honestly about the feelings we experience without hiding them from God and others?  Knowing God created all these emotions and understands can give us “all the feels.”


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