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Showering Rocky River Elementary

Harrisburg United Methodist Church is  in partnership with Rocky River Elementary School. Help us start off the new school year, by showering Rocky River Elementary with an abundance of  School Supplies.

All school supplies are welcome, but here are a few suggestions:  24 pack of Crayola crayons, 10 count colored pencils, Marble composition notebooks, yellow #2 pencils, glue sticks, eraser caps, tissues, Clorox wipes.  

You may also go to the Rocky River Elementary Website for a complete list of supplies by grade.

Goody Bags for RRE Teachers 

To welcome back the teachers, we are preparing goodie bags with: $5 gift cards (Dollar Tree, Starbucks, Target, Walmart) Small bags of chips, Gum, Mints, Candy.

Bring your donations to the church office during the week or bring on Sunday Morning.

Being the Body of Christ – Guest Speaker Corey Gaston

January 23th Guest Speaker – Corey Gaston 

Sermon 9 a.m 

Sermon 11 a.m.

Corey Gaston, author of Proximity: A Practical Devo to Bridge Chasms of Culture Between Communities of Faith and native of Harrisburg NC, is the Director of Discipleship at Christ Central Church in Charlotte, NC and a professor at Catawba College in Salisbury NC. He has served in full-time education for 14 years and in full-time ministry over 20 years!  Corey also serves on the board of directors for Make Your Mark Intl., a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization whose focus is remedying systemic poverty cycles and providing educational opportunities to families and students in urban centers in the US, as well as in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Corey has an earned Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Clarks Summit University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Theology from Freedom Bible College. Corey is currently writing his dissertation for his Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree from Liberty University on the topic, THE CHRISTIAN WITNESS IS AT STAKE: SOUTHERN EVANGELICALS AND THEIR RESISTANCE TO RACE AND CULTURAL RECONCILIATION. This work seeks to aid Christian leaders in strategizing ways to help them disciple their congregations in a more comprehensive fashion that helps strengthen the Christian Witness. Corey, a United States Marine Corps veteran, served his country faithfully prior to going to college where he met his bride, Laura. They have been married 20 years and have 4 children.

Corey has a deep passion to see God’s people live a life that exudes the full gospel of Jesus. His call is to create and cultivate “curious community” by building bridges of reconciliation so we can be credible witnesses of the gospel for the watching world.

Grace and Peace, Rev. Wes Smith

In-Person Worship Times

The huddles in front of us as we all learn what “normal” will look like as we emerge the pandemic can feel overwhelming.  When we focus too closely on what is right in front of us we can forget the help, perspective, purpose, hope, and power that surrounds us.  Join us this season as we lift our eyes and see Jesus alive and showing us the way to life.

In Person Worship Services  9:00 & 11:00am

Both services will be live streamed on Facebook



Before Covid hit, anxiety in our country had already been significantly increasing year after year. It is very visible in young adults trying to navigate their way into adulthood and post college employment. It is also prevalent in people living on the margins of our society, whether it be financially, culturally, or even racially. Anxiety is affecting more and more of our lives everyday. In our young people and even in our children, I personally have noticed increased levels over the past decade in working with the younger age groups.
There are different levels of anxiety, and there are different methods of dealing with it. The more severe cases can be treated with medication, while lower levels can be dealt with changes of habits, counseling or other means of mental or emotional therapy. Regardless, anxiety is on the increase and its results can turn day to day life upside down.
So, what does this have to with Jesus and the Scriptures? Well this week at youth group we took a look at Matthew 6:25-34, where Jesus preaches about not worrying. For many of us that is much easier said than done! Jesus’ point is that constant worry and stress drives us away from God’s purposes for us and leads us into shallower waters with God, because our attention is focused more on ourselves and on things beyond our control. Let me make it clear that Jesus is saying that we should not be in any way concerned about things like food and clothing, he knows we all need to be productive people and that we do need to have responsibility for our own well-being. What he is trying to tell us all is that there is much more to life than worrying ourselves sick over things that we need to simply trust God for and even trust ourselves to be able to overcome.
Jesus is reminding us that we are an important part of God’s incredible creation. God loves and cares for all of His creation, and just as He cares for the birds of the air, then how much more will He care for us, humanity, created in His own image?? We get so caught up in ourselves and in our own pursuits that we move ourselves out of that communion with God. There is so much more to this world than to be constantly worrying about things we have no or very little control over. Be concerned about yourself and be responsible for self-care, but also look toward God with your needs and concerns. Maybe what you really need to get you out of your worry rut is already there waiting for you to take your eyes off of yourself and look deeply into the eyes of the one who loves you the most!
Pastor Richard

Vision 2020

It’s the start of a new year and an opportunity get your vision checked and corrected by God so you can see more clearly and live more faithfully in 2020.

Vision 2020  

January 5    Seeing Yourself Clearly

Communion Sunday

January 12   Seeing the Situation Clearly

 January 19   Seeing the World Clearly 

January 26   Seeing God Clearly


Special Congregational Events

*Town Hall to review final Building Team proposal

1:30-3:00 in the Sanctuary

*Church Conference to approve 2020 Building Plans

2:00 in the Sanctuary

(All Full Members may vote)





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